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I dream, explore and create

As a kid I was often told to get my head out of the clouds. Thank goodness I rebelled in this area of my life. I enjoy dreaming way too much to ever give it up.

The Clouds

a place to foster imagination

The Clouds became a place where I allowed my imagination to flow freely. As an adult, I still try to keep that childlike imagination, because it encourages me to explore ideas and find new opportunities to create. On serveral occassions my daydreams have actually lead to brilliant ideas I couldn’t ignore – they’ve compelled me into action!

I remember thinking at a very young age, that such wonderful ideas shouldn’t be dismissed. So I began to draw and write to remember the details of my dreams. Putting my ideas on paper helped me to process my thoughts and turn concepts from my imagination into tangible things. Thus, I learned to create material to examine the notions in my head and express the beauty I saw in my visions.

Creative Visionary

to create one must have vision

Now a days, photography and writing are my muse. I love using these media to document and share stories, both conceptual and journalistic. It’s how I best explore and connect with the world around me.

I’ve been so fortunate to experience awesome real life events due to daydreaming. So I encourage you to get your head in The Clouds, dream big and embrace those visions. Every creation and innovation always begin with a vision.

I also believe in the power of collaboration and team work. After all, they do say that two heads (or more) are better than one. Let’s dream together and use our God given talents to make great things happen!


My Hobbies & Interests
Favourite colour: Teal

Foods I love: Shrimp tacos and panookie for dessert

Sports I like: wake, surf, kite, skate, snow, mx, bmx, mountain biking, climbing (any action/adventure sport really)

Activities I like: hiking, canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, visual & perferming arts, music, dancing, cooking, diy projects, reading, watching shows and movies, going to the theatre.

Current professions: writing and photography

Previous professions: recreation therapy and events management

Work Philosophy

an athlete's work ethic approach

While photographing various action sports, I’ve observed 8 things athletes practice regularly. With much admiration for their work ethic, I’ve adopted the following as my work philosophy:

1. Visualizeathletes often say they picture themselves winning. Then they mentally go through the physical motions they need to execute, in order to win. Whenever I create, I visualize the end result first. Then I set goals based on the overall picture.

2. Trainathletes train a lot to condition their bodies and sharpen their skills. I’ve invested a lot in specialized training to hone my craft, and take current workshops/tutorials to keep improving my skills.

3. Learn to Fall – athletes improve their landing technique by falling. They get up and try again, until they get it right. Learning from failed projects has improved my creativity and problem solving skills.

4. Compete Great athletes improve their skills by competing with other athletes more skilled than they are. However, they prefer competing against themselves, to test and push their own limits. I love being challenged by others more talented than me, but I’m mostly driven by self competition.

5. TeamworkThe best athletes never succeed on their own. They have team support from their families, coaches, teammates, sponsors and fans. My successes can be credited to my support team, including my family, mentors, investors and project crew.

6. Sportsmanship Good athletes respect their competitors, promote fair play and practice healthy competition. I have a great respect for my competitors, as they help me to learn and grow.

7. Quality Over QuantityPro athletes don’t impress the crowds by the amount of tricks they do, but by the execution of advanced or innovative tricks worthy of 1st place. Creative work should leave a lasting impression on an audience. My most innovative and memorable work was never rushed. I like taking the necessary time to produce the highest quality of work I can possibly deliver.

8. Celebrate Victorieswhether it’s doing a victory lap, or stepping onto a podium, athletes are very good at celebrating their successes. It’s healthy to acknowledge one’s achievements. Celebrating helps me to enjoy all my hard work and motivates me to do more.

Success & innovation do not happen in isolation

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I love storytelling. Whether it’s words I write on a page, or images I capture with a camera, my goal is to share stories that inspire ideas and motivate us into action.

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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

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